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b.inspired CoachingWork can be both your making and your undoing. A productive, successful and happy working life can be a great thing: exciting, rewarding and fun. A miserable working life can not only ruin your working days, but can taint your whole life with misery.
Investing some time and effort in getting it right will therefore not only pay dividends in terms of success and happiness at work and in business, it can offer a structure for planning your entire working life, and have immense positive effects on the rest of your life. Coaching helps you to find clarity, focus, motivation, and get the most out of life – both personally and professionally.

What Coaching Provides  |  Benefits of Coaching
    Helping you get unstuck when life or career potentials feel at a standstill or a never-ending circle
•    A supportive space to get clear about what you want in life and undo the blocks that hold you back
•    A collaborative partner in developing creative strategies for achieving different and powerful results
•    An unbiased sounding board when you need some objective outside perspective
•    A trusted partner for brainstorming new ideas, thoughts and strategies for your life & work
•    Having someone who wants more for you than maybe you want for yourself
•    Accountability through consistent progress checks and evolving action plans
•    A personal 'cheerleader' who supports and motivates you all the way and inspires you to be your best you

Find out how I can help you specifically create positive changes in your working life and career:

•    Improve Your Life at Work
•    Explore Your Career Options
  Firework™ Career Change Coaching Programme
  "High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation."
Charles Kettering
•    Improve Your Life at Work
•    Explore Your Career Options

  Firework™ Career Change Programme
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“I feel very positive. All my 6 month and 3 year goals are more rationalised and clarified and I can envisage how they are possible and how I would go about realising them.”
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