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Coaching Sessions
One to one sessions last between 45 and 120 minutes depending on the coaching package. They usually take place at intervals of a week to a month and are tailor made to your agenda & schedule. All sessions will be conducted via the telephone or Skype for your convenience. A number of coaching packages are available.

How does it work?
b.inspired Coaching
Coaching is based on the fact that we all know the answers, but we sometimes need someone to ask the questions that we would never think of asking ourselves.

During our coaching sessions, I listen to what you say, and to what you don't say and use incisive and searching questioning to establish where you are now, where you want to get to, and what is standing in the way.

I will work with you to break down the barriers and obstacles that get in your way. I help you focus on your goals and keep you on track until you reach them.

To ensure an optimum service I work with a maximum of 12 clients at any one time - please do enquire as to whether I currently have availability.

  The greatest achievement was at first and for a time only a dream.
James Allen
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“What I really liked about our session was that you didn’t stop asking the question until I answered but also to help me understand by asking in different ways.”
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