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What Clients Are Saying
"Britta is brilliant at helping to synthesise random ideas into a coherent frame and meaningful direction. She inspires action, and results, through her natural curiosity and unwavering optimism. Even though we were communicating from either side of the equator, between the UK and Australia, her energy propelled me to work towards achieving personal and professional goals I had only ever previously imagined."
FG | Sydney 

"... You managed to provide 'focus' & 'regularity' toward my photography endeavours. With your searching questions on my aspirations & realisation of my abilities the culmination of your coaching has brought me to a place of an exciting chapter in my career ... I think the phrase is 'making it happen'. Rather than talk about goals & desires it is important to 'act' upon them. Your coaching has been excellent whereby I feel an 'energy rush' leading up to and at the end of our sessions. You have brought 'clarity' to the possibilities of my photographic skills and potential ..."
Eugene Codjoe

"I have always been struggling in understanding what my priorities in life were and these sessions with Britta helped me identifying what is important to me to 'be happy' and therefore, what I should be focusing on and investing my time in; the whole experience was some sort of call for action, actions that I have been postponing for a long time... things I wish for don't just happen, I do need to proactively make them happen."
Business Development Account Manager | Ernst & Young

"At the time that I met you I had this dream / ideal of living in Europe (an ideal that I've had for a very long time) but I really could not imagine it becoming a reality. I think you've showed / taught me that I'm 'allowed' (and should) have ideals and then start taking action and working towards them. And now, a few months later, I am actually living and working in Europe! And I feel very lucky, happy and grateful for it."
AC, Architect | Cape Town / London

"Britta assisted me to achieve my goals by teaching me ways to keep focus on my goals and perseverance. Britta was very supportive and showed me that there are different perspectives for the same point." 
EA  |  London

"As a Life Coach, Britta appeared at the time when I had found myself disorientated and unsure as to what to do next with my life - in other words - when I needed practical solutions. Although I always felt happy with a degree of creative "chaos" in my mind, Britta quickly persuaded me that a pragmatic approach and good organisation, mixed with some creative thinking, would not do any harm. To my surprise, through her gentle yet methodical and convincing style of coaching, bit by bit, the change came on. From organising a typical day through to creating realistic objectives, I rapidly got out my "mind-traps". I also now study at the college and plan a move into a different field of work in the future. This would have been unimaginable without Britta's help. As such I have no doubt that she would be able to coach anyone through their career or life changes, and would not hesitate to recommend her as a magnificent Life Coach."
S Mihajlovic, Leicester  |

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  "Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together."                                                               Vincent van Gogh
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